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We do not serve fast food. Does that mean we're slow? We don't think so. We prepare food with recipes passed down from one generation to the next in the Caribbean. We prepare the food our granny/mom/dad prepared for us growing up. For our Caribbean customers, we strive to remind you of your childhood. For our non-Caribbean customers, we want to give you a taste of our culture.


We are proud of the diversity of the Caribbean. You will taste flavours from Africa, India, China, and from Indigenous groups. All the food is prepared with fresh ingredients, with some being imported from the Caribbean. We could give you the ingredients and show you how to cook the food, but it will never taste the way we cook it. This is because it will be missing the main ingredient: our hands. 


Douglas Ling

Douglas Ling created a menu that is a reflection of who he is: multicultural with a strong Caribbean influence. He was born in Trinidad and Tobago, with ancestors hailing from China, Africa, and Portugal. That is why at MARACAS you should not be surprised to see Chow Mein listed near Jerk Chicken with Rice and Peas. 


He grew up with a family that loves food. In preparing to open MARACAS, Doug and his family met on Sundays to cook the entire menu to make sure it was perfect for his customers. Through many trials and errors, he was able to curate a menu that he is passionate and proud of. The menu is not only a reflection of his diversity, but also the diversity of the Caribbean. 



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